As their name implies, they can only be adopted by civilizations that are experiencing a Dark Age.
Accumulate 25 less war weariness than usual.
Building Big Ben - Grants 1 Economic Policy Slot.
Others are less useful.Civilization VI is, unquestionably, one of the best strategy games.Do you build different districts depending on the environment?A district that offers an adjacency bonus generates additional yield based on where it's placed in relation to keno 8 gratuit other tiles.Building Alhambra - Grants 1 Military Policy Slot.Amphitheaters, art and archaeological museums, and broadcast centers can only be built here.Let's delve into how they work and how to make the most of them.

Other things to know about Districts for best tile placement Primarily, districts are used for shaping the way your cities grow, informing how you want to play the game and providing useful bonuses throughout every stage of your civilization's progress.Using Adam Smith 's Great Person ds2 how to get attunement slots ability (in vanilla Civilization VI ) - Grants 1 Economic Policy Slot.Extra Science from buildings in Campuses : 50 if city population is 10 or higher, 50 if district has at least 3 adjacency bonus.Best to have a chosen victory condition in mind, which squares well with your empires unique abilities; its more possible to change strategy on the fly in Civ 6 than before, but not so much that you can afford to squander settlers by building redundant.Youll never get more than one Natural Wonder in one citys territory let alone adjacent to the same Holy Site, and you dont want to be committed to leaving four rainforest tiles undeveloped all game for 2 science.BUT: Can't train or buy Settlers nor settle new cities.None None The Enlightenment Renaissance Liberalism Economic 1 amenity to all cities with at least 2 speciality districts None New Deal The Enlightenment Renaissance Wisselbanken Diplomatic Your Trade Routes to an Ally's city provide 2 Food and 2 Production for both cities.In cases such as this, mountainous terrain is often your friend, bolstering the output of both holy sites and campuses, as well as offering natural protection should barbarians or an aggressive rival leader come sniffing around.
Triangular Trade None Globalization Information International Space Agency Diplomatic 10 Science per City-State you are the Suzerain of None None Globalization Information Online Communities Economic 50 Tourism output to civilizations to which you have a Trade Route None None Social Media Information Collective Activism Diplomatic.
Enemy Spies level reduced by 2 in your lands.

The boost to starting experience is useful in making your units more durable and the fact that there's no adjacency bonus means an Encampment can be built in an otherwise undesirable tile (though it cannot be built next to your city centre).
Civilization 6 Districts list and their adjacency bonuses.
However all cities suffer -2 Loyalty per turn.