Eventually he gives up the soulstone of Baal, Diablo's younger brother, to his visitor so all of it can finally end.
Item Crafting : The Horadric Cube to a limited extent (plus Charsi's "Imbue" reward).
Even Tyrael and bonus objectives legion wow the two merchants in Act IV will charge money, though they at least have an excuse.Still, the image of using casino estocolmo someone's peg leg as a weapon is quite strange.Although the brown-cloaked figure seen in the cinematics is actually Baal pretending to be Tyrael.I Need You Stronger : Whether it was Diablo's plan in the first game or not, it works.There are also the shrunken heads which are unique shields for necromancers.This created the Hammerdin, making a Blessed Hammer/Concentration combo a viable character build (with the right equipment, of course).

Plainly, it summons a frickin hurricane that you then walk around.Bone Armor and Cyclone Armor that absorb physical and elemental damage respectively.In the Hood : Archangel Tyrael wears a hood, completely concealing his face.There are searchable bodies of never-seen alive NPCs which stay there forever.Named Weapons : All magic weapons are named.Awesome, but Impractical : The druid's Armageddon spell can be used while in werewolf form and causes a rain of meteors to follow you, but the meteors hit randomly and do very little damage compared to the sorceress ones.
You have to stop Baal from getting to the Worldstone or all is lost.