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They are unlocked in tiers such that harder achievements give higher attributes.To see a full list of all attributes available in Blade and Soul, check out the.Skill Points askgamblers deposit bonus are used to bingo online bonus codes purchase Traits to improve your Virtual Pro.Your Virtual Pro starts with 15 Skill Points and can continue to earn Skill Points by playing applicable matches.150 Unrivaled Defeat 1,000 player characters of the opposing faction.Those XP points are than assigned to each of the Virtual Pros attributes, based on whether that attribute is considered a Primary, Secondary or Tertiary attribute for that position.Skill Points, players primarily earn Skill Points by completing applicable matches.Bonus XP works differently than Base Match XP, as it is applied only to specific attributes, based on the type of action that was completed by your Virtual Pro in the match.
A single bonus attribute can be selected at any time.
Attribute Cap Increase Per Level Race Str Con Dex Vit Int Wis Dark Elf Dwarf Gnome Goblin Half Elf Halfling High Elf Kojani Human Kurashasa Lesser Giant Mordebi Human Orc Qaliathari Human Raki Thestran Human Varanjar Varanthari Vulmane Wood Elf Reallocating Attribute Points For.

Giant Mordebi Human Orc Qaliathari Human Raki Thestran Human Varanjar Varanthari Vulmane Wood Elf Class Attribute Allocation Class-based increases per level Based on your class, two attribute points will be automatically assigned to the attributes every time a level is gained (10).Refund Points can only be used to reclaim Attribute Points that were allocated manually.Dexterity (Dex) Increases melee critical hit bonus, ranged damage, chance to evade attacks and spells, mitigation of melee damage, chance to defend with defensive abilities, and chance to recognize and react to enemy abilities.Level 1-9: Str:30 Con:25 Dex:20 Vit:35 Int:50 Wis:50 (no difference) Level 10: Str:3135 Con:2630 Dex:2226 Vit:4041 Int:5555 Wis:5656 Cant quite cap the same 3 out and you have 1 point less int, 1 points less wis.Base Match XP, base Match XP provides a number of XP points to your Virtual Pro based on the match rating that was earned by your Virtual Pro during the match.Each match rating, from.0.0 provides a specific number of XP points.How high an attribute can grow from XP is determined by a combination of the Virtual Pros position, height and weight.The table below shows when Skill Points are earned by the Virtual Pro when playing applicable matches.Awarded 2 points at a time every 20 of the level.Earning XP increases your Virtual Pros attributes and their overall rating.The top of existing equipment is in that range.
Traits, traits can be purchased using Skill Points that have been earned by the Virtual Pro.

Skill Points / Traits.