If youre going for FFB, try to ditch Mark of the War Prisoner if youre able.
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With all three its.39sec.
Gear wise I am a mythic raiding Frost and Fire mage; my legendaries include Shard of the Exodar, Magtheridons Banished Bracers, Marquee Bindings of the Sun King and Darcklis Dragonfire Diadem.On a 300 second 4 target fight, with talents and gear optimized for just that.Altered Time, and an admin of the Mage Discord server, Halls of the Guardian.I suggest you to get T7(2) set bonus for more mana restore and for more effective burst.In reality, once you have gotten best in slot trinkets such as Whispers in the Dark and Metronome haste is the better single target stat, with critical strike and versatility not far behind.The set bonus holds more in it than going for other non-set items with haste instead.View the latest post, tue Nov 13, 2018 11:46 pm Views, last post médolinette.Chest: Heroes Frostfire Robe (T7 EoH) Ebonweave Robe (Tailoring) / Spellweave Robe (Tailoring) Egg Sack Robes (AK) / Drakewing Raiments (Occ) / Water-Drenched Robe (VH).There is no longer excitement in getting a big juicy critical strike stick, theres no fun in enchanting and gemming critical strike on your gear, knowing it will make a difference.For the complete simulation results, check out.This is a look at individual fights: Skorpyron: #7th (m/statistics/11#boss1849) Chronomatic Anomaly: #23 (m/statistics/11#boss1865) Trilliax: #22 (m/statistics/11#boss1867) Spellblade Aluriel: #19 (m/statistics/11#boss1871) Tichondrius: #9 (m/statistics/11#boss1862) Star Augur Etraeus: #17 (m/statistics/11#boss1863) Krosus: #22 (m/statistics/11#boss1842) High Botanist Telam: #24 (m/statistics/11#boss1886) Grand Magistrix Elisande: #23 (m/statistics/11#boss1872) Guldan: #23 (m/statistics/11#boss1866).Shoulders: Dark Runic Mantle (HoS trash) spa resort casino palm springs gambling age Mantle of the Tribunal (HoS) Mantle of Deceit (CoS).Leg item crafted by tailors is not ideal, as you will want to replace them with T10 asap (hit).If you're not on that list, hug your staves.
Both are great, can't say I can favor one over the other.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.Frost does 1143320 DPS, fire peaks.85kk DPS and dips to 450k DPS at the lowest point, frost peaks.59kk DPS and dips to 715k DPS at the lowest point.Profession bonuses of any kind are not included!Normal Anub trinket stacks with heroic version, effect can crit.Here you can input an export from the.There are no good fire staves in this tier; both Damnation and Staff of Restraint (213 ilvl) are weaker compared to 226 ilvl ttdlimb, and Greatstaff of the Nexus doesn't have critical strike nor spirit on it; tho that huge hit sure can help.What is the best secondary stat for fire?No witch hunts or brigading.Announcements, filter by Flair, features.
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