Gilded Loa Figurine, Dinobone Charm, Incessantly Ticking Clock, Emblem of Zandalar, Drust-Runed Icicle, or, twitching Tentacle of Xalzaix.
Its your choice as to which sacrifice you prefer to make.
It lists your best items, with an nordicbet 10 free spins emphasis on trinkets, and gives you gearing advice.2018: Updated for recent hotfixes.(T7 helm faceguard of the Succumbed is the clear winner here, as it features a meta socket.Weapon The Turning Tide, from KelThuzad.Input welcome, and Ill update the post with more guidelines.Again, the T7 legs are best in slot; they have marginally more of all the appealing stats, better socket colors, and theyre part of the Tier set.Boots Poignant Sabatons, from Noth the Plaguebringer (and occasionally Gluth).2018: Updated for Battle for Azeroth launch.Titanium Spellshock Ring, crafted by Jewelcrafters.Cosmic Lights, from Sapphiron.Belt Waistguard of Divine Grace, from Patchwerk (and occasionally Gluth).Would like to start playing here, miss the old paladin of old and really want to be prepared for when.Head, faceguard of the Succumbed, from Thaddius (and occasionally Gluth).They are an upgrade on spellpower compared with the other shoulders, but at this gearing level stacking spellpower is less valuable than stacking int, crit or haste.The Rescinding Grips are good alternatives until you get the Tier token, though.
Libram use tends to be very situational, but the 10-man Libram of Renewal is a more generally useful choice than the 25-man, except in rare situations where you need high throughput more than mana conservation.

Trinkets for Holy Paladins, the best trinkets you can obtain will be a very high item-level version.Hammer of the Astral Plane, from 10-man KelThuzad.If youre looking for a list of gear to get ready for raiding, you might be more interested.Until you kill 25-man Malygos, however, the drop from Sapphiron is a very strong alternative.Let me say up front that if you think Im wrong about a piece of gear, thats fine ; I know that balancing spellpower, crit, haste and intellect is a personal juggling act and nobody knows your playstyle better than you.The Tier 7 pieces are already best in slot for shoulders, gloves and legs, which means you have to use either the helm or the chest to get your socket bonus.Despite the mp5, the quest reward necks are excellent.While we do not currently believe a Best in Slot list is worth adding because the nature of the Titanforging mechanic makes it impossible, it is worth noting the stronger trinkets and Azerite armor pieces, so that you can try to obtain them.JeTzes Bell, BoE world drop.Life and Death, from Gothik and Gluth.
(T7 gloves) Rescinding Grips, from AnubRekhan (and occasionally Gluth) The T7 gloves are best in slot here; they beat the Rescinding Grips partly thanks to the gem slot that makes them more flexible, and partly due to their contribution towards the set bonuses.
Hey, sorry it the question is innapropriate, but I remember starting to play WoW at the end of patch.7.1, begging.8 and being quite the noob at that time, I wasn't really up to date with the BiS gear and all that.