me2 soldier bonus power

Bonus Powers I didn't try out a lot of different ones here, so let me just say that how to make a deposition I'd pick one that helps with shields.
Originally I hadn't tried this, but now that I have, I'd put it slightly ahead of Incendiary Ammo.I find the increase in ammo capacity is fairly worthless.Get your preferred ammo power (my vote is Incendiary) to rank.Combat pretty much works like this: You grab some cover and have Liara start dropping singularities on unshielded targets that you want to shoot.Contents show, mass Effect, edit, the, soldier is a tough warrior, able to deal with a range of combat situations.The light machinegun, featured extensively in this video, is a soldier exclusive weapon.Commandos get an additional boost to weapon damage, storm speed, and power damage.Fitness Unlike Combat Mastery, this is a passive skill that I like on Insanity, because it keeps you alive.However, I've used both, and in practice I don't really see a difference between the two.All that said, if you want to get your weight down, omsätta bonus flashback ditch the pistol.Liara's singularity recharges so quickly that it's a breeze.Splash damage simply doesn't work well on Insanity.Until the end of the game when Banshees and Brutes are getting thrown at you left and right, you probably won't need.

Rank 5 : I like the headshot damage upgrade here, but I'm playing on PC where headshots are a lot easier.However, since you don't care so much about your power cooldown due to Adrenaline Rush really being the only power you're going to activate, you can probably carry one around with you anyway if it suits your style.Recommend upgrading as follows: Rank 4 : Take the damage reduction upgrade.Pistol For pistols, my favorite is the Scorpion.My advice below is specifically for Insanity difficulty, where you tend to need to focus more slot seed lost odyssey on single-target damage abilities and survivability.It isn't usually the scrubs that get you.
Max out Fitness Max out Adrenaline Rush Get Combat Mastery to rank.

Not a strong preference here.
Frag Grenade, these are nowhere near as useful in single-player as in multiplayer.
I went with the damage bonus.