Give them volkite chargers so they can take a few wounds off a marine squad giving the terror squad the outnumber advantage it needs for a talent for murder, plus with preferred enemy they can dish out a very hefty amount of damage.
Compulsory: 1HQ, 3 Troops, 1 Fortification Optional: 1HQ, 3 Troops, 2 Elites, 1 Fast Attack, 3 Heavy Support, 3 Fortification, 1 Lord of War Allied Detachment available Compulsory: 1HQ, 1 Troops Optional: 1 Troops, 1 Elites, 1 Fast Attacks, 1 Heavy Support Leviathan Force Organization.
FW, however, does not respond on this question and answers "Bloodletters charging from Spartan are cool" on Facebook) - Fielding Erebus/Kor Phaeron already gets you this.
Choose it when you pick warlord traits - This makes the Alpha Legion nigh unpredictable and higly adaptable.They have a vast range of wargear options from being both Techmarines (Servitors, Cyber familiar, etc.) and Consuls (Jetbikes, invuln-granting wargear, among insättning upplands vasby centrum others allowing them to fill a rather broad number of roles.Stickman Backflip Killer zone Strife Strike Force: Red Cell Strike Force: Arctic Storm Strike Suit Infinity Strike Suit Zero Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut Strike Team Hydra Strike Vector EX Strike!If you play that but struggle against mechanized lists, since vehicles don't bleed.Night Vision: All Night Lords everything (even Dreadnoughts) has the Night Vision Special Rule.On top of all this, armies with Amon can re-roll Seize the Initiative, and enemies attempting to Outflank within 24" or Deep Strike within 12" simply fail, granting his team plenty of breathing space from any surprise assassins.Marauders come base with Chainaxe /BP standard (sure, they could just take a chainsword widely available model-wise for wysiwyg, but it's strictly worse.You only need to hit a target to designate it, wounds aren't needed.Also their Chosen Warriors rule allow them to issue and accept challenges.Unique Wargear: Pariah Wargear: Blackshields can replace their existing Wargear like-for-like with Pariah versions of the same gear for no cost, but all models in a unit must perform the same swap.This model is incredible, I'm not joking, this thing is insane.Cannot take any Fortifications, or units with the Immobile or Slow and Purposeful (Cataphractii, and only them, had this one; be sure to discuss that moment with your opponent before the game to avoid confusion due to brilliant Forgeworld editing) rules.
Compulsory: 1HQ, 1 Troops, 1 Heavy Support Optional: 1HQ, 3 Troops, 4 Elites, 2 Fast Attack, 3 Heavy Support, 2 Lords of War Can't take Fortification or Allies Rolling Thunder: You always go second, unless you can seize the initiative.

Grants Scout and has 2 modes: Disruption lowers your enemy's reserve rolls by -1, while Relay allows you to re-roll yours.Their initial cost is a little higher than a default Heavy Support squad with Hardened Armour, essentially paying 25 more points for the bonus rules and stats - but the same unit with Autocannons would cost exactly the same.Exboxhueg fortification that spans 24" x 24" (a whole freaking tile made up by 3 Bunker Annexes (Medium Building, AV14) and a Tacticus Bunker (Large Building, AV14 both with Battlements, surrounding a central open deck area.Failing to kill the Warlord grants the opponent D3 VPs, even if Slay the Warlord wasn't an objective.If possible make sure ally Troops have either a Dedicated Transport so they can last longer or Jump Packs to reach the objectives first.Terminator Sergeants are allowed to take them for no extra cost.They fully embody the concept of the Tactical Dreadnought.Besides, you kinda need 2 HQ anyway.
The choices presented are Claw, Blade (which Forge World often uses interchangeably, and admittedly sloppily, with Sword and vice versa) or Axe.
A closest thing to auto-include in LA roster so far.