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# # Do NOT build this as root # rpmbuild -bb -targetx86_64.
# Academia (4XX AF) Unlocked with the Artefact of Rebirth in Augusta Tower - 200.

# /etc/ax25/nrports # # The format of this file is: # # name callsign alias paclen description # netrom KI6ZHD-7 sclara 235 node - Finally, we need to edit the /etc/ax25/nrbroadcast file.# Backtracking with Moogle Throw: Bresha Ruins (005 AF) Map of the area (updated) Item checklist : 10x Vitality Chips, Butterfly Bow (Serah's weapon; STR 40, MAG 40 Unicorn Horn.# Ledger - Added a ledger page for possible colonies.# Setup - St Helena now considered part of Africa.# Multiplayer - Fixed one bonus pokerstars prima depunere hotjoin-oos by always saving ColonySize and NativeSizeBeforeMigration in savegame.# Game balance # Trade Nodes - Added new trade node Western Europe, leading to Sevilla, Bordeaux, Antwerpen London - Caribbean no longer leads to Sevilla Bordeaux, but instead to Western Europe.# Edit the cmake.# To be packaged later - unlike most programs, this doesn't need to be # compiled nor installed to work mkdir -p /usr/src/archive/Uichat wget unzip mv UIChat UIChat Turn on your radio, make sure it's on a available frequency, the antenna is all tuned.