Tier 9 Item Level 232.
All these sets will be the same, no matter the item level or the role.
Shoulders (ChoGall, The Bastion of Twilight HC) chest (Halfus, The Bastion of Twilight HC) legs (Maloriak, Blackwing Descent HC) head (Nefarian, Blackwing Descent HC) hands (Magmaw, Blackwing Descent HC) Tier 12 Battleplate of Immolation cataclysm Paladin Tier 12 Normal Battleplate of Immolation (set 5 pieces).
They do however present a unified look and carry paladin-friendly stats.Paladin Tier 4, justicar Armor (Set 5 pieces hands (The Curator, Karazhan).Shoulders (ChoGall, The Bastion of Twilight) legs (points, Argaloth Baradin Hold) chest (points) head (Nefarian, Blackwing Descent) hands (points, Argaloth in Baradin Hold) Paladin Tier 11 Heroic Reinforced Sapphirium Battlearmor (set 5 pieces) in red color.You need for this Paladin Tierthe Paladin Tier10 before and Conquerors Mark of Sanctification in ICC.Paladin PvP Sets Paladin Arena Sets Art that paral poker oyna first few PvP sets are based on Alliance Arathi Basin, The Highlander's Resolve Arathi Basin, The Highlander's Resolution PvP-Rare, Lieutenant Commander's Redoubt PvP-Epic, Field Marshal's Aegis PvP Level 70, Grand Marshal's Aegis PvP Level 70, Grand Marshal's.Tier 9 features three more inventory slots eso different item level sets (232, 245, and 258 but all three sets use the same model and color variations. .Tier 3, Redemption Armor, tier 4, Justicar Armor, Battlegear, Raiment, tier 5, Crystalforge Armor, Battlegear, Raiment, tier 6, Lightbringer Armor, Battlegear, Raiment, tier 7 (10-man Heroes' Redemption Plate, Battlegear, Regalia Tier 7 (25-man Valorous Redemption Plate, Battlegear, Regalia Tier 8 (10-man Valorous Aegis Plate, Battlegear.Paladin Tier 5, crystalforge Armor (Set 5 pieces).Raid: Ulduar 25 men head (Thorim) chest (Hodir) hands (Mimiron) legs (Freya) shoulders (Yogg-Saron) wrath OF THE lich king Paladin Tier 9 (set 5 pieces).Tier 9 sets have an Alliance and a Horde version, but within the same faction, all sets look the same.Tier 9 Item Level 258 Each piece of the item level 258 Tier 9 sets can only be bought with a Regalia of the Grand Conqueror, a token that drops from Anub'arak in the 25-man Heroic version of Trial of the Crusader, from Champion Isimode.It had 3 tiers levels but theyre identics.
You need the normal item for have it legs (Shannox, Firelands HC) head (Ragnaros, Firelands HC) hands (Baleroc, Firelands HC) chest (Alysrazor, Firelands HC) shoulders (Majordomo Staghelm, Firelands HC).

Generic plate armor sets Pre-40 mail armor sets Retrieved from " ").See My Review Below.The spell damage on all the sets was replaced with Strength and (to a lesser extent) Critical Strike rating.Table of Contents, paladins have 9 Tier 9 sets: 3 tanking sets, WoW 3 healing sets, WoW and 3 DPS sets.However, if you want to farm all the sets, then click.This entry was posted in, paladin Tier Sets and tagged, paladin PvE Transmog.
Requiere el item en normal para ser obtenidas.

Tier 11 Reinforced Sapphirium Battlearmor cataclysm Paladin Tier 11 Normal Reinforced Sapphirium Battlearmor (set 5 pieces) in blue.
Some pieces (Hands and Legs) also drop from.
Posted on, june 9, 2016September 22, 2016 by, trackline 09 Jun, this WoW set features the full Turalyon (Alliance) and Liadrin (Horde) transmog sets, which are the paladin tier 9 raid sets.