This can be extremely tedious, so make an evening.
The receipt should show that this money is for a security deposit.
If you have a digital camera, take pictures of every room, every blemish.
Most leases also require you to pay a security deposit.The notice must be given to the tenant within 30 days after the landlord has moved the deposit from one bank to another, or from one bank account to another (unless the change in the bank or account takes place less than two months before.Getting your bonus malus passat gte security deposit back The Rent Security Deposit Act states what a landlord must do with your security deposit when you move out, even if you move out before your lease is over.And a new landlord must also give the notice within 30 days of buying the property.There are no exceptions to this limit.The law says that the landlord must also give the notice not just within 30 days of getting it from the tenant, but every year at the time the landlord pays the interest to the tenant (see.( Note: Even if you forget to ask for double the amount of money when you fill out your complaint, the court still must give you double because the law requires.) Cite:.J.S.A.

Also, make sure that your written lease states that you have paid a security deposit and includes the amount of the deposit.These higher interest accounts must be in New Jersey-based institutions.If they try say something like, "It's only 100!If the landlord does not give a notice about the deposit to the tenant every year, the tenant can use the deposit to pay past or future rent due.Once a tenant legally tells the landlord to use the security deposit as rent, the landlord cant ask the tenant for another deposit as long as the tenant lives in the apartment or house.The landlord can only charge you for property damage that is more than ordinary wear and tear.If the landlord tries to bilk you later, you have more evidence of what a responsible tenant you were.Google the leasing company, landlord's name, property name, whatever.
Don't let the landlord make you feel petty.
Under this law, a security deposit is money that belongs to the tenant but is held by the landlord in trust.