plottie myo slots sale by mmxii

Plus, you receive 500 per referral.
Pay close attention to plant-specific traits or sub-species specific traits.
Reply TO this comment along with the following information: - Password: - First time owner?: (Yes/No) - Plant/Flower (include scientific name - Link to the plant (real photo - Link to your MYO: - Sub-species (if you know it - Chosen traits: - Payment method.
Its important to read it all.You're allowed to use bases as long as you give casino no deposit bonus juni 2017 proper credits.MYO Approval Request Form, design: include thumb or link, design.Submit your MYO design to your gallery (not your ) and.For MYO design rules and regulations!Please refer to, lore of Annie to get an idea about their world.Terms of Service - Annies before royrichie bonus 1500 purchase.Put them in an AU or even turn them into humans if that is what you desire.Feel free TO USE THE official reference sheet: You will be required to make a ref sheet of your Plottie to register it to the masterlist anyways so if you want to save time and effort, feel free to submit your MYO design directly.The first original design you make of your Annie must match the Aesthetics of the Anniverse.Only one MYO per person, not per account.MYO slots are ranked by rarity.Uncommon Rank MYO Slot - 21 USD / 2000.Super Rare Rank MYO Slot -.50 USD / 4500 *Mutations and sub-species are considered unlisted and are not available for granblue story atk bonus these MYOs.
Your design must be approved by me before you upload.
How to update ownership!

You may not resell these Plotties.Taken, dO note that YOU must keep screencaps OF your proofs OF purchase FOR these slots.If you want to purchase one mention it in your comment.VIP Owners can purchase, epic traits at a discounted price of 5 or 500.Visit the Plottie website.Start designing: Ready to start designing your new Plottie?Please refer to, annie Rarities to see what is what.Please be patient, I have 20 correspondence messages and 40 notes to go through!Update: Currently responding to orders!
Wait for a mod/toripng to assist you or respond with approval and then submit to the.
Be a watcher of, mmxii.

Annies have certain aesthetics, please refer to the examples below.
An Uncommon Ticket means you can have as many Common and Uncommon Features as you want.