There are 30 maps in total.
You do not need to get the bonus objective.In order to "beat" a map, you need to defeat the unique boss at the end.You can mix quality and rarity.The map you get in return is linked on the Atlas, so you can see what you'll get in advance.We support DNT (Do Not Track) Headers and partially anonymize IP information at the point of collection to help maintain las vegas hotel and casino map user privacy.This achievement has been fixed and obtained by beating all "white" endgame maps.Right in the middle of the map is a little counter showing how many you've completed.This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages.If you are having trouble obtaining some maps and don't want to use Trade, you can sell 3 identical maps to a vendor and receive one higher tier map in return.To start with, only Tier 1 maps will be visible on the Atlas, but reveals more as you play.MarkeeDragon, keeping this cookie enabled helps us to improve our website.Tier 2, beach, factory, ghetto, oasis, tier.You might even get a unique map instead if you're lucky.Vaal Pyramid, tier 4, academy, acid Lakes, dungeon.

From here you can see a branching tree showing you all the endgame map areas and which ones you've completed.Arid Lake, cavern, channel, grotto, marshes, sewer.Couple of suggestions in order to start the conversation: map bosses should be able to drop up to 1 tier maps, and should drop a single map every time, so killing them is both rewarding and mandatory to progress the Atlas and sustain the map.For all white maps, all you need to do for the bonus is beat a magic or higher version, but I have no idea what this "bonus" actually is aside from how to play casino games for real money a tick on the atlas.The list of maps you need to complete are: Tier 1, arcade, crystal Ore, desert, jungle Valley.The result of this is entirely random and not linked to the Atlas tree.Tower, you do not need to beat the Unique maps, including those that appear on the Atlas.For the "white" maps, this includes only maps from Tier 1 through.Google Adsense, amazon, rakuten Linkshare, commission Junction, shareasale.Disable, please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences!
The achievement pops as soon as you beat the unique boss at the end of your final map.
For example, sell 3x Desert (T1) maps and get 1x Oasis (T2) map in return.

Also, if you use a Harbinger Orb on a map, you will get a map of the next highest tier in return.