Sounds like either a glitch or you misread your XP before you started the process.
(ie: I saw the friendship level increase after opening the gift, went "Oh (bleep)." and immediately rushed to get a Lucky Egg on, and got the 100,000XP when the Friendship Increase message popped.).Use a lucky egg to make the most of it (double the xp).So if you went to do Evolutions before the Friendship Increase screen popped up, that might explain why you didn't get the Lucky Egg bonus.2) Opened Gifts - 4 Gifts raised Friendship Levels to Ultra-Friends.Rushing to do evolves (or other activities such as a raid, opening more gifts for other friends, etc.) will result in the notification and XP being delayed, possibly until after your egg runs out.And the XP gets doubled by using 2 manna vist kortspel a Lucky Egg, which means that players can get a ton of XP just by opening gifts they get from new friends.To get more, pokemon Go news, be sure to follow me on Twitter at @.More then a half hour of evolves.Sign in to Answer or Ask a Question!When it's time for best friend level, hold stack at 89 days.Players can get 3,000 XP just by becoming Good Friends with another player, which only requires one friend action (like making a trade or opening a Gift from them).6) Please fix this asap.20 x 10,000 x2 400,000.

Let 10 or 15 or more friends reach that level.3a) Did NOT wait for Friendship Level Increase popup messages.It seems like missed information on when the XP is earned.Asked by, miThiKaL 4 months 1 week ago.5) Friendship XP Bonus was NOT affected by Lucky Egg.Maybe it won't get you the 200k XP, but it can't hurt to try, right?Last week, Pokemon Go launched its new friendship feature, which allows players to exchange gifts and.As players increase their Friendship Levels with other players, they get increasing attack bonuses while battling in gyms and Raids with friends, lower trading costs, and big XP bonuses when a player increases their Friendship Level with another player.It should have been 465K.Pokemon with other players.7) Please give me the 200,000 XP bonus that I should have gotten for using a Lucky Egg when Friendship Levels were increased.
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The screen will literally show 100k experience instead of 50k experience if you have a lucky egg active.