What am I doing wrong?
Whenever you create a new spell category-there is a magnifying glass on the titlebar of the category-you can set your ability to use there.
I set it to Ability INT, Attack INT "star" (alternatively I tried by adding another 4 in the third field on top).In that case, the dexterity modifier is used.Now I add a cast to Fire Bolt and choose Type: ranged and Base: Group Attack.Attack bonus (item property).It'll also be far easier to level them up too.
You won't be able to fix existing sheets, but you'll find that with all the enhancements that have been done over the last 12 months or so that there is a lot more automation when creating characters.
Why does it show Ranged 2 rather than 6 (4 INT, 2 Prof)?

Its a bit annoying since we edited loads of them to add small remarks or reminders but I think you are right Time to burry this thread again until 2018!The character has 19 (4).This particular penalty is unusual in that it does contribute to the net first deposit bonus sports 20 cap, unlike other situational modifiers.Being out of visual range typically only applies to non-player characters making ranged attacks in response to being attacked (since players cannot target creatures outside their characters' visual range).The following (class-specific) feats can be used to temporarily directly increase their targets' attack bonus (all subject to the 20 cap bard song, divine wrath, oath of wrath, rallying cry, and war domain.2 to 2 AB Attacker is invisible or target is blind.
2AB Target is prone.
Reply With" April 3rd, 2016, 18:36 #9 Yes, you create a new character with drag and drop.