state of decay 2 add outpost slots

However, all outposts offer the same three benefits as standard: Character switching at outpost, supply locker at outpost, safe area around outpost.
When you have freed the space in your facility filled, you should go to a bigger base that has more slots for advanced facilities.If the car is drivable, these extra few slots are helpful in general you can put a gas can in there or an extra gun but their most useful quality is that each slot of a vehicles trunk space can hold a rucksack.Log in or Sign up log in sign up, community Details 164.If youre out of food, the neighbor who needs a couch moved folding at home gpu slot setings is just going to have to wait.The Artillery Strike is the cheapest special outpost, and also the hardest to find.You can spend a ton of influence on these extra outposts, or you can build facilities cheaply, without spending all that influence, once you unlock a larger base.Keep experimenting to see which facility is best for your community.Because resource rucksacks take up their own dedicated slot, a food run will only ever result in one rucksack of food.How do you claim Outposts, go to an outpost nearby and get your community to clear it out.After that, look for outposts that give an added benefit like a radio tower that reduces radio call cooldowns or a gun shop that supplies daily ammo.
To create an outpost, you need to clear an area of zombies.
Rucksacks the other backpack Youll maintain your stockpiles of resources food, medicine, ammo, fuel and building materials by going out into the territory and gathering r ucksacks.

One drawback of outposts is that you cannot deposit resource rucksacks at an outpost you have to return to your community base.Water Outpost : 1,000 Influence Provides water to your base.The few hundred Influence it costs to claim a new outpost is a big investment.For you to get more outpost you have to upgrade your command post.Influence is earned by helping your community, or helping other enclaves in the area.Abandoning an outpost refunds some of the influence points, which can be used to claim another outpost.Your community Youre only in control of one of your survivors at a time, but you can invite one other survivor to come along with you for backup.And noise draws zombies.State of Decay.Rainwater collectors dont need gas.
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Undead Labs/Microsoft Studios via Polygon Especially early on, that just means you have to be smart about your Influence investments and smart about choosing your outposts.
Crouching is a good way to quickly and quietly take out zombies without alerting others.
That isnt the case in, state of Decay.