Thankfully, Blizzard heard the player feedback and listened to our concerns, and scrapped the initial set bonuses a few weeks ago.
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Maybe you dont like being in melee, or maybe your raid team simply doesnt have enough ranged players, something that can cause no end of grief on fights like Star-Auger Etraeus or High Botanist Telarn.
Please consider supporting our Patreon!Item - Druid T19 Restoration 2P Bonus - Wild Growth grants you 4,000 Mastery for 7 sec.I love the novelty of being able to mix-and-match sets this was one of my favorite things about Timewalking, before all older tier set bonuses got disabled but then again, you may not be able to use six tier pieces even if you wanted.They do however present a unified look and carry druid-friendly stats.Personally, I often use Crusaders Might and I regularly play in melee, so the set bonuses are perfect for.What would you rather see?Forums skills talent Calculator artifact Calculator pvP Talent Calculator death Knight (.Item - Druid T19 Feral 2P Bonus - Thrash now generates 1 combo point if it hits at least 1 target.If the Crusaders Might battle cleric style isnt possible, the Tier 20 bonuses become significantly weaker.(The 4-piece bonus combined with, beacon of Virtue should be fantastic in Mythic runs, as well.).
Given how many changes they've made prior.1.5 anyway that wouldn't surprise me if it did happen that way.
Last week, they revealed the updated set bonuses, and praise the Light, this time theyre actually usable!

Ever since Patch.2.5 hit the PTR, Holy Paladins have been expressing serious concerns about our upcoming Tier 20 set bonuses, which required us to target injured, low-health friendly targets before casting.If you need two pieces of Tier 19 to make that happen, so be it, but with the increased stats on Tomb of Sargeras gear we should be able to reach that point without using Tier 19 pieces soon enough.If you end up sticking with 4-piece Tier 19, theres no reason not to pick up two pieces of Tier 20, since theyll have the same stats as other Tomb of Sargeras gear.Beacon of Light targets.The updated Tier 20 bonuses are definitely better, but Im still not entirely thrilled with them.If you use 4-piece Tier 20, I probably wouldnt use 2-piece Tier 19 unless you feel you really, really need that extra.Druid PvP Sets Alliance Arathi Basin, The Highlander's Will Arathi Basin, The Highlander's Purpose PvP-Rare, Lieutenant Commander's Refuge PvP-Epic, Field Marshal's Sanctuary PvP Level 70, Grand Marshal's Refuge, Grand Marshal's Sanctuary, Grand Marshal's Wildhide (Retired) Horde Arathi Basin, The Defiler's Will Arathi Basin, The Defiler's.